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Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Web Applications are dynamic sites joined with server-side programming which allows for more multiple functionalities, for example, cooperating with clients, associating with back-end databases, and generating results to browsers. Examples of Web Applications include:

  • Responsive Websites
  • Online Banking
  • Reservations & Booking Engines
  • eCommerce / Shopping Cart Applications
  • Online Training
  • Online Polls
  • Blogs
  • Online Forums
  • Content Management Systems


There are two fundamental classes of coding, scripting and programming for making Web Applications:

Client-side Development

Client-side code is returned by the web server and is executed or interpreted by browsers.

Below are some common Client Side Scripting technologies used by MediaConnect on a regular basis:

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • jQuery (JavaScript Framework Library – commonly used in Ajax development)

Server-side Development

Server-side code is executed or interpreted by the web server.

Below are the common server-side technologies utilised by MediaConnect :

  • PHP (usually combines with MySQL database)
  • ASP.NET (Microsoft’s Web Application Framework)
  • IIS Web Server
  • Apache Web Server
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure Cloud Hosting

The choice of technology depends on the requirements of your project. MediaConnect is technology agnostic and will always advise a technology stack that suits your needs.


Agile Software Development Model

Agile Software Development is the iterative development process and practices that focus on the collaboration of people involved while providing better procedures to allow revisions and updates. Agile methodology includes research, analysis, project management, design, programming, implementation, frequent testing, adaptation and maintenance. MediaConnect uses Scrum as an agile methodology, with sprints and backlogs.


UI/UX Design

User-centered design begins by defining targets and objectives. It sets the foundation for strategy, design, content, and information architecture (IA). Business priorities often lack the reality of genuine user requirements. What is best-practice and matters to users isn’t always what we “think” is correct. At the research stage, MediaConnect can help you to discover knowledge gaps and align your assumptions with real user expectations. We help identify a strategy to support both the user’s needs and your business goals. MediaConnect ’s data-driven, analytical and research-oriented approach delivers strategic insights about your customers’ reactions and interactions with your website or application. Dependent on the time and resources available, Media Connect selects research methods that work for you.

Information Architecture & Wireframes

Guaranteeing that the visual structure and presentation of information and content on an application is instinctive and corresponds with existing client expectations is fundamental to the UX design. MediaConnect guarantee that the correct data is displayed in the right way, in the perfect place, at the opportune time. Wire framing is an ideal approach to envision information structures and represent UI features. It empowers successful correspondence between colleagues and, more importantly, takes into account early testing of work processes, workflows, and general navigation structure.

User Testing

Based on the objectives set at the start of the UX procedure, we help you establish the correct KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). MediaConnect conducts client testing sessions and performs point by point investigation to optimize all information and touch points. MediaConnect use diverse strategies to accumulate client criticism that range from the remote client testing to one-on-one sessions. We’ll help you to pick one that works for you and is the most comfortable for the rest of the participants.

Look & Feel Design (UI)

The visual appeal of your web application extensively affects clients. In spite of the fact that a website or application Information Architecture is essential, it doesn’t encourage engagement. We utilize user-centred design to create a durable, familiar, and attractive impact on the intended target market. By focusing on users on a more profound and emotional level, we ensure the visitor’s experience is more significant. The change in experience is accomplished by evoking an emotional response in the client which is tied to their activities and achievements. One of the main roles of UX configuration is to add context to the characteristic conduct of clients and, by doing so, to provide them with a story that they can take from the experience. MediaConnect additionally ensures your online presence is an extension of your brand’s image.

The benefit of custom web applications is that they are customized precisely to the way your business works. Regardless of whether you have to build a custom web app from scratch, migrate your legacy backend, or streamline existing front-end functionality, MediaConnect can accomplish it in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Responsive Design (Mobile First)

Responsive web design allows your website to adapt and offer an optimal experience on any device it’s being accessed from. Your website will look and function flawlessly for any user on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Because of its increasing importance, every single website or application developed by MediaConnect utilizes responsive web design, rendering perfectly to each device a website’s user is accessing it from.

Ensuring that your website caters to its users’ needs is vital, and the device it’s being accessed on is very telling of the wants, needs, and specifications of a user. A user accessing your website on a laptop will likely behave differently than a user on a mobile device, so it’s important to be aware and develop experiences based on this.

Globally, mobile search surpassed desktop in 2015, and mobile-friendliness is an official Google ranking factor. Developing a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.


CMS Integration

Content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress and Umbraco, are designed to display information on websites and allow for scheduling, publishing, and editing content from a single, user-friendly interface. These systems provide tools and a publishing platform to simplify the process of website development and maintenance.

By integrating features of the cloud as a part of the service, businesses can easily manage their applications to work efficiently with other systems via integrated platforms. CMS systems can be integrated into your existing website or can be selected during the initial stages of development.



Ensuring you have a robust and stable eCommerce website is the foundation of your online business, and we understand the importance of utilising the latest technology to increase your profitability. MediaConnect’s eCommerce solutions offer only the best in standard features and functionality while remaining completely customize able. Our team will discuss your bespoke needs and tailor a solution that matches your online brand and eCommerce goals by leveraging open-source technology platforms such as WooCommerce or Shopify, and when required integrating with existing technology you may already have in place. Drive sales across multiple devices and easily manage your content, stock and scale including pages, categories, products, services, articles, posts, banners and more. MediaConnect has experience in incorporating sophisticated payment gateways that accept payments from multiple sources worldwide and integrating automated, worldwide shipping facilities.