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Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Systems Integration is the process of bringing together a variety of sub-systems and integrating these into one complete system. The process requires a lot of testing to ensure the sub-systems can be properly combined to form one fully-functioning system. Instead of each component working individually, systems integration will allow them all to work in unison. This has numerous benefits for your business and can increase efficiencies, save energy, lower your costs and improve response time.

Media Connect has extensive experience integrating with many of the major systems such as SalesForce, ERP and Enterprise Applications. MediaConnect team can help you with a number of systems integration services.

Data Digitization

Physical data in the form of paper files, documents and images are still very common in many companies. This data can be difficult to organize and navigate through manually and is open to human-error and higher costs. The process of data digitization involves converting this physical data into digital data. It can then be easily grouped together and stored in a database. Once data has been digitized, it becomes more accessible to multiple people, at the same time. MediaConnect can convert all of your physical data into a digital form, allowing you to focus on what really matters.


Data Conversion

Convert data from one form to another. Multiple computers can exchange and make use of all the information that a data set holds. MediaConnect can convert anything from simple data, such as texts files, to more complex data such as office files and multimedia data such as videos and images. Convert data sets into multiple different file formats. Data conversion helps you convert your data into usable information and reduces the risk of data loss. Image conversion can even be used for identification purposes for individuals and their records.


Data Sanitisation

Permanently eliminate the data stored on a memory device and, therefore, improve privacy and security through the use of data sanitisation. Encrypting files of obsolete private data doesn’t always provide peace of mind that your data is completely protected. Data sanitisation protects and secures this information by permanently deleting it. This process renders the data completed destroyed, not even the most advanced forensic tools will be able to recover it. MediaConnect’s skilled team can help you sanitize your data on any type of device from hard disks to CDs and even smartphones. MediaConnect will enable you to protect and secure obsolete data of a sensitive nature.


Data Migration

If your company is looking to implement a new computing system or database management system, having access to your previously gained data is crucial. This is where data migration will help you. The process involves moving all your data from your previous storage device to the new one. This means that once you have implemented the new system, all your previous data will be readily available on it. MediaConnect will create a detailed migration plan to understand your requirements. Following the migration process, MediaConnect’s team will also validate the data to ensure that it is accurate and remove any duplicate or unnecessary data.


Offline or Online Data Synchronization

Data synchronization allows for the seamless coordination of data between a number of devices. This data is updated automatically, copying changes back and forth between the devices in use. An example of this is a contacts list on a mobile device that, when updated, implements the changes on various other mobile devices or computers. Data synchronization makes your data more readily available locally without having to run it through a single central database. This speeds up the process and makes the updates far more reliable. Data synchronization also improves the response time for data requests as no central database is needed.