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Software Development

Tailored Custom Software Development

Whether you’re starting out or already have an established business, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to the software you use. Software development, through the use of a variety of different services, can be implemented to create custom software, perfectly suited for your business objectives.

Client Application

Client application services can be used to enable simple access to multiple Windows and web applications to share user information from a single server. MediaConnect can implement this service so you can authenticate and verify a user’s identity, provide additional features for specific users and share settings across multiple applications from many different locations. These services are all included in the Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions.


Hardware Integration

Mobile devices are the future of hardware. MediaConnect integrates hardware and software so you can use mobile devices, instead of traditional forms of hardware, like a remote. This is done through custom designed mobile user interfaces. This type of integration means that you can view, monitor and control your data and hardware from anywhere in the world. Stay connected with your business wherever you are and whenever you need to.


Custom Databases

Having a custom database can help your company effectively store all of the data it collects on a daily basis. Media Connect can build a bespoke database to meet the specific requirements of your business, however big or small. A secure, user-centric database will give you all the information you need, right at the tips of your fingers. You control who has access to the data and what they can access while presenting it just the way they want to see it. With custom dashboards, you can easily turn the raw data into actionable information to help your business grow.

Application Program Interface (API)

An API is a set of routines, protocols and tools used to build software applications. These protocols make APIs essential to any web solution, plugin, web application, software module and web design. They basically act as a user-interface for software, much like how the interface of an app is used by humans. Over the last decade, the use of APIs has helped the digital economy grow leaps and bounds. MediaConnect can design and develop APIs to meet your business’ objectives and increase efficiencies within it. MediaConnect can also offer API integration services to make sure the implementation stage runs as smoothly as possible.

API Design & Development

Media Connect offers a number of different API design and development services, depending on your specific needs:

  • Mobile applications – MediaConnect can create bespoke APIs for your mobile applications, depending on the nature and objectives of your app.
  • Cloud computing – Creating cloud computing related APIs will allow you to integrate your applications with the cloud.
  • Web-based services – A web API is a framework for building HTTP services. It also acts as an interface for both the web server and the web browser.

API Integration

API integration is just as important as the design and development phase. When properly integrated, your APIs will be able to seamlessly communicate between various pieces of software. This can ultimately eliminate duplication of effort, improving the user experience and thus, increasing productivity levels. MediaConnect skilled team can integrate your APIs with a huge variety of different software applications and web services.


Intranet Portals

An intranet portal acts as a gateway to information. It can give your employees access to all the data and tools they need to complete their everyday tasks. It can also allow them to effectively communicate to each other internally through the system to increase efficiency and timing. Thus making your employees perform their jobs better. This type of system can have multiple benefits for your customers too. For example, they can provide better customer insights and faster support responses. MediaConnect can develop and implement a secure portal that is completely customization to suit your business.


Workflow Management System

Implementing a workflow management system will allow you to automate a number of different processes within an application. The software provides an infrastructure that can automatically setup, execute and monitor these processes. The end goal is to help your business manage its routine processes and take control of them more effectively. Media Connect can develop a cloud-based workflow management system that will allow you to automate repetitive processes, follow up on uncompleted tasks within the process and offer you insights into the performance of the system.


Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Your business has a lot of raw data that it has collected over the years. But how exactly can you use this unprocessed data to make informed decisions about future trends? Business intelligence and data visualization software can help you transform this data into visuals and processed data that you can easily analyze and even monetize. In practice, this software can turn your most underutilized asset into a means to achieve new levels of revenue. MediaConnect uses Apache Spark, a processing engine that facilitates speed, usability and analytics. Apache Spark can process larger amounts of data than many other processing engines.