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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms Of use And Privacy Policy

1- You can browse without using phone number or email

2 – uses phone number and email when uploading your ad or buying online or booking a service or product from the app.

3- It is forbidden to publish advertisements containing profanity or images contrary to public morals or illegal, as well as prohibiting any advertisement aimed at defaming persons or institutions

4- it is forbidden to publish advertisements for the sale of all kinds of weapons, whether licensed or unlicensed.

6-Each ad is for only one commodity, and in the event of multiple commodities, a separate advertisement is created for each commodity.

7- It is forbidden to publish advertisements that violate the laws in the state of the creator of advertising

8 – it is forbidden to publish any advertisement for gambling, betting or advertisements of magic and sorcery .

9- It is forbidden to publish any advertisement for alcohol or spirits of all kinds – and prohibits the publication of any advertisement for drugs and hashish of all kinds.

10- The application is entitled to You really have to block any phone number that uses the app.In abuse or damage to others or if the application is used For illegal purposes.

11- The user shall bear the publisher of the ad any legal matter or any compensation without the slightest responsibility on the application Financial Rights.

12- The value and duration of the paid ad depends on the section in which it is advertised , The value of any other features is added to the value of the ad.

13-When using Knet, Visa or Master to pay for the ad, you must keep a record of payment, and if the balance is not added, the administration is obliged to refund the amount or add a refund of the ad value only if it is proven that there is a system malfunction that was made after payment.

14-When purchasing offers and reservations directly through the app We guarantee every customer who accepts payment online through the app We refund the amount in case the customer does not receive the service requested.