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Professional Services

Professional Services

Media Connect can help your business reach its full potential with a variety of different professional services. Read more to discover the wide array of options available for you.


Business Analysis & Consultancy

Media Connect can help you map and understand your own business processes. As a result, you will be able to better understand how technology barriers can be removed to complete your objectives. We can help you analyze processes that relate to specific goals and highlight strengths, weaknesses and possible improvements.

Media Connect consultants provide guidance to help you understand how a technology solution can fit within your existing business workflows as well as budgeting and planning its implementation. By providing an unbiased look from an external point of view, you will benefit from new ideas to compliment your efforts. You will also be able to benefit from consultation sessions with Media Connect prior to software projects, or even throughout the software development life-cycle.

Requirements Gathering

Gathering requirements can be time-consuming due to the sheer complexity of software projects. It is, however, essential to the project as it can easily break if it’s unstructured or done incorrectly. Media Connect believe a proper requirements-gathering exercise is vital because it gives visibility to the rest of the project. It can even greatly increase its value and success rate since the requirements become understood by all stakeholders. Media Connect business analysts are adept at discovering the right requirements for your business, be it either software features or hidden qualities. We can also aid in prioritising and defining specific dependencies so your project runs as smoothly as possible.


Technical Analysis

Having access to a skilled development team can provide a validated, efficient and maintainable system. MediaConnect team of experienced technical architects and software developers will analyze your software requirements and create a blueprint. A software platform is chosen and the main software components and modules are identified. Software requirements are designed in detail, including development, related dependencies and how it interacts with other features. Technical workflows are designed, highlighting how data is transferred and transformed by processes as well as how data is structured and stored.


Systems Documentation

Systems documentation is an important aspect of any long-term project. Business continuity depends on the ability to support and make changes in the future. Without a thorough documentation exercise, this simply won’t happen. MediaConnect will review your project and document all relevant sections in a way that can be used to help your business flourish well into the future.


Project Management

Project management is vital to make sure your business’s projects run smoothly and meet their objectives. However, approximately 70% of organizations will suffer at least one project failure a year due to a lack of vision. Having the right management system in place will allow you to easily avoid this. Media Connect offer project management services to plan, execute and complete your software projects on time and on a budget to make sure your projects always succeed.



Continuous training and education is the only way to stay ahead of the curve. MediaConnect offers a range of training services to get you and your employees up to speed with the latest technologies and software in digital marketing, software design and software development. MediaConnect bespoke training services are tailored to meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s course to more advanced training or one-on-one to group training sessions, MediaConnect can meet your needs.