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Legacy System Modernization

Legacy System Modernization

Over many years your business will have built up its infrastructure in a particular fashion. These infrastructures hold the legacy that your business has been building. However, nowadays it has become imperative to align your business with modern IT infrastructure that arises from modern business objectives. Legacy system modernization will allow your business to meet the challenge of aligning these two types of infrastructure head on. Media Connect will help you connect and modernize your legacy systems so you can continue to improve and streamline your company’s operations.

Legacy system modernization will allow your business to improve on integration issues while providing the foundation for future software initiatives. Obtain a seamlessly unified system for legacy transferring and leverage your current IT investments more efficiently.

Application Support and Maintenance

Receive personalized and bespoke support and maintenance for your applications, depending on your particular needs and wants. Applications will be monitored so issues that arise can be resolved as quickly as possible. Analysis of the cause of the issue will be carried out to improve maintenance procedures and prevent it from reoccurring in the future. Media Connect will also roll out continuous stability improvements to improve the performance and availability of applications. Your business benefits from better performing and easily migrated applications. You will also improve internal operations and, thus, customer satisfaction.


Cloud Migration and Support

Migrate your data and applications from your company’s onsite computers to the cloud, or from one cloud to another. Media Connect offers end-to-end cloud migration services and will support you from the very beginning of the discovery stage. Here, Media Connect will help you discover the best cloud environment for your data and applications. Once you have chosen the right cloud for your business, Media Connect will begin the migration process. Following the migration process, Media Connect will offer support and training in cloud technology so you can effectively improve and maintain your company’s operations.