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CRM & Lead Generation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Lead Generation

What’s the purpose of Customer Relationship Management and Lead Generation? Integrating your data into a unique system. Generating high-quality leads and growing your sales pipeline. Nurturing those leads and keeping track of their status or automating your sales processes so you can spend more time selling and nurturing customer relationships.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM system is a valuable business tool which will make the management of your business much simpler. Implementing the right CRM system can increase productivity significantly; allowing you to integrate all your valuable data into a unique system, generate more leads, close more deals, increase sales, and improve real-time decision making and forecasting.

There are various CRM solutions which you could consider implementing within your business such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and Marketo.

With a CRM solution, there isn’t a magic formula for generating quality leads, closing deals and nurturing customers. However, there is the opportunity to drill deep into your data and transform it into intelligence about your prospective customers and insights which will support your sales strategy.


Lead Generation

Using data from your CRM database is one of the most reliable sources for qualifying leads. Identifying qualified leads gives your sales team the opportunity to focus on those who are ready to purchase while keeping others who are just looking in the pipeline. Accurate forecasting and the management of opportunities will allow your sales team to see what stage leads are at in the pipeline so opportunities aren’t lost. Sales opportunity tracking for progressing leads, converting them into opportunities and allocating them to the right teams are also factors into best practice sales pipeline management.


Customer Intelligence

Capturing customer data is one thing; transforming that data into insights to increase sales is another. A CRM system will allow your sales teams to analyse which leads and sources are producing the most sales. They can also analyse those which are generating the most revenue. This type of real-time, customer-centric information is key to determining which marketing efforts and consequently, sales strategies are most successful.


Lead Nurturing

CRM systems are about customer relationships. Retaining customers will make your sales team more efficient and keep them motivated to bring in new business. The data that the CRM systems collects, integrates and reports will help you retain solid relationships. Provide a better service to your customers, anticipate their needs, track conversations and building well thought out customer profiles. Every aspect of the solution is tailored for building solid relationships and creating better ways to engage your customers.