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App Development

App Development

Does your business have the need for an app that would greatly benefit your customers and help align your business objectives? Apps offer a fantastically innovative new means to allow your customers to interact with your business. Media Connect team have years of experience in app development and can create the perfect app to meet your specific needs.

The world has gone mobile. Make sure your business has adapted to this.

Cross-Platform Development

Each mobile operating system is different. They all have varied software development kits (SDK) to create apps. Each of these SDKs also has a preferred programming language, depending on the operating system. In other words, a multitude of different programming languages is needed if you wish to create an app and publish it across iOS, Android, Windows and on the web. User interfaces (UI) and user experience designs (UXD) also vary greatly across operating systems. Media Connect team of developers are proficient in a plethora of programming languages and design processes. With this inventory at its disposal, Media Connect can help you create a custom app that users can download and use, regardless of what operating system their mobiles uses. Media Connect can create the cross-platform app that your business needs.


Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is constantly becoming more commonplace in daily life, both professionally and privately. It’s something that changes how everyone lives and works. IoT is the concept of connecting any type of device to the internet. This goes beyond the kind of devices you would currently know as having internet connectivity to devices such as coffee machines, wearable devices and many others. Basically, if something has the potential to connect to the internet, it can. Media Connect can help implement this new phenomenon and integrate it in any number of ways to help automate tasks and improve efficiency within your company. Integrate IoT into a clock-in system to automatically brew your coffee in the morning when you arrive. It can also be used to achieve business-orientated objectives. It can improve the decision-making process, help you better understand your customers, optimise your business operations and ultimately generate new income.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is the future of how you conduct business. AR is different from virtual reality (VR) in the sense that it integrates virtual elements into real life, instead of creating a wholly virtual environment. This is done by creating virtual overlays that can be viewed from a headset or through a camera on a mobile device. Media Connect can design and develop the necessary software to make this possible. This software can be accessed from a mobile app built specifically for your needs. AR can be used to better train your employees and can improve your customer services in B2C companies. It can also be used to introduce more efficient ways of working in industries such as healthcare and insurance.



Wearables such as smart watches extend the use of apps far beyond your mobile device. The development of wearable apps makes your data more flexible, giving you access to it wherever you are. Media Connect experienced team can develop cross-platform wearable apps that can be accessed from any type of operating system. Create custom layouts for notifications and activities, manage authentications and activate an ambient mode to save battery power. Make and receive calls, implement a wireless key to unlock devices and manage expenditure. The uses are endless.